Monday, December 8, 2008

GSE Team going to North Carolina USA, April 2009

This blog has been established to document the experience of the Rotary Group Study Exchange (GSE) team travelling to District 7710 in North Carolina, USA, in April 2009. We will be representing District 9520 in southern Australia.

The team is:
Margaret Northcote - Team Leader, Rotary Club of Campbelltown
Scott Endersby, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Edwardstown
Kelly Fyfe, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Mildura Deakin
Tim Gilchrist, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Kent Town
Corey Pearson, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Blackwood

The team at our selection workshop/first meeting at Margaret's house, August 2008.

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Anonymous said...

Guys, if you have half as much fun while you're away as you appear to have had getting ready, you'll probbaly be arrested. And judging by the standard of your first presentation, we'll see you on one of those American chat shows - Letterrman or Oprah or someone similar. You'll do us proud. All the best,
Pete & Jill Poulton