Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Introducing me

Hey everybody, what an opportunity to introduce myself. I am Corey. I would like to add, straight away that I am not doing this entry out of duress, but sheer embarassment. I am the last one to add to this site, and it can be easily accounted for. I recently had laser eye surgey. When I lost the need to wear my glasses, suddenly my knowledge of computer went away with my blurry vision. I now no longer get asked computer related questions, simply because I have glasses on my face. Hence, today is my very first blog entry ever, anywhere, anytime.
So far it has been a top experiece and no doubt will only get better with time - like australian wines. So until next time just ponder over my image - if i can work out how to attach it..... nope - upload picture FAIL... damn, where are those glasses!!

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