Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our farewell dinner

On Monday 23 March the Rotary Club of Campbelltown hosted the GSE Team’s farewell dinner. It was a special night for the team, signaling the countdown to departure and the first formal opportunity to give our presentation.

It was a packed house with nearly 140 guests, made up of RC Campbelltown members, our families, and visitors from our sponsoring clubs: Kent Town, Edwardstown, Blackwood and Mildura Deakin. There were a few nerves facing such a large crowd, but after some top notch Aussie fare (roast lamb and pavlova!), we took to the stage. The team was presented with a Rotary Foundation badge by District Governor Peter Shipp, and we were introduced by GSE Chair Dave Mellen, who has been a great help in preparing for the exchange.
The team with DG Peter Shipp

Prior to presenting, my mentor Peter Poulton from RC Kent Town had issued the challenge for us to be the first team ever to not have “too long!” as the first feedback on their speech. Sadly, coming in at 45 minutes meant we failed that challenge, however we did feel good about our presentation and have received fantastic feedback that will help us reduce and fine tune everything prior to meeting our first audience in North Carolina. It was also the first outing in our official dress uniform, which was well received.

As soon as we were finished the realisation set in that we were in countdown to departure. Our last week at work to tie up all the loose ends. Frantic last minute shopping to make sure we have everything, checks that our luggage is OK and our tickets are all in order.

Right now it’s Wednesday night, and we’re leaving on Sunday morning. Only four more sleeps… North Carolina here we come!

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