Friday, May 1, 2009

Facing the rapids

Our last day in lovely Lillington saw the ever-bubbly, never short of a wise-crack Bill, face his fears on the Cape Fear itself. The Cape Fear River was navigated by the GSE team (and Bill) in kayaks. There were some rapids, but to tell the truth, the sound was scarier than the action of navigating them.

About to set off downstream on a lovely, leisurely paddle on the Cape Fear River

The most inexperienced kayaker in the GSE team who shall remain nameless capsized in one of the rapids, calling, "Kel, Kel, what do I do?" To which I replied, "Stand up". You see, the river was only 2-3 foot deep at this point. I still laugh about it, in fact I am currently nearly wetting my pants typing this.

Then, as his kayak was filling up with water, he was almost crying as he blabbered in a high pitched voice, "Can we get the water out? How do we get the water out?" I was laughing so hard (heartless I know) that it took me a while to get over to him and empty the boat.

We got him back in and off he went on his merry way again. We had a ball kayaking and thank the Lillington guys for making it happen. Once again, like every club that preceded them, they went out of their way to provide fun things for us to do. THANK YOU EVERYONE.

After our paddle, some of us had a quick swim in the river, hence the drenched look!

We are getting close to the end. Gee it has flown. I am ready to come home though as I miss my kids (and my work if anyone from there is reading this!).

Look forward to catching up with everyone on my return with so many stories to tell. As usual, these stories will be funny, exaggerated and will definitely go somewhere (contrary to what Corey thinks about my stories; that they go nowhere).



Anonymous said...

Firstly Corey, Kel's stories have put some sanity back in my life after a day of looking after an 8 & 9 years old, who know everything and think I know nothin! I didn't realise I was so out of touch. I didn't notice Margaret in this adventure, I'll bet she was sitting on the banks laughing her head off. You all have certainly enjoyed some fun times and done some things you've never done before. C ya Mares.

Anonymous said...

Only 8 days until your're home mum. P.S. Very funny stories.