Friday, May 1, 2009

Vocational visits done and dusted

My final day of vocational visits included three separate agency departments: Department of Environment and Natural Resources Aquifer Protection, Department of Environment and Natural Resources Water Quality and the Town of Cary (municipality) Engineering department.

I heard about another agency during my travels, that engages with the community in the interests of preserving soil and water resources; the Wake County Soil and Water Conservation District. So I missed one of our scheduled tours (of Duke University which was a big give up let me tell you). Here I met with one of the most affable personalities in the industry, Dale Threatt-Taylor. She is a pleasure to discuss common issues with, and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. We talked everything from community engagement, delivering on-ground outcomes, to working with partner agencies.

My vocational visits have granted me numerous valuable contacts within the NRM industry in USA. I know that when thinking through new ideas, I can contact one of these people and ask, "Have you ever done, heard of, known someone who's done ...?" And vice versa. This strengthens my kitbag in my profession.

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Anonymous said...

Well done Kel, you seem to have been working your fingers to the bone. I can see you one day as the Minister for the Environment, then you can look after me in my old age because I'm not there yet! It must be close to your last day. Mares.