Sunday, April 12, 2009

All good things come to those who wait

Hello world,
the time has finally arrived for me to add my spiel to this ever popular blog. Of course I came up with many reasons why I have not added anything yet but they are all beginning to wear thin. I thought I might just add about 5 small posts - so it looks as though I have been really busy, but on second thought i would probally got bored and left it as 1 short one, so i'm throwin a crackerjack entry in now... so hold onto your hats, here goes...

For some unknown reason I have no pictures of the trip over, in LA or even from Cary Mcgregor?? hmm believe should look into that.. Jim was my first host - what a man, what a blast we had.. big truck, big personality and we had a nonstop party for 4 nights straight. I managed to haul him to the gym every morning at 5.30am... which equated to about 4 hours sleep a night. Top bloke with a massive heart of gold (surrounded by copipus amounts of beers).

Last sunday, whilst staying with the ever-cool folks of Jim and Joan I had the opportunity to hit the lake and show off my lilly white legs. It was a tops day and i need to thank Jim for the trip, beer and bullshit that was constantly bantered around that boat and jetski all day long. Later that night we headed around the chef serge's house for more of the bullshitting and beer. Topped off with the knowledge that jaxon's guinnea pigs back home had babies - nice hey... i didnt even know the bloody thing was preggos.

At Jims and Joans I loaded on about 2 kilos i reckon, and to make matters worse I was packed a bag of food to take with me, incase my next hosts didnt have any?? So a full shopping bag of brownies and angel cake departed with me. I had a great time with Jim, Joan and Bubbles (and their pokie machine!! - who says there's no gambling in north carolina??
My story then skips a few days and Im now in Roxboro with no internet access (one of the many excuses to scamper my way out of a blog entry). Had a great time on the hog farm (which is actually a pig). Now being a police officer, I had a special bond with the 3000 pigs on the farm and even got to pick out my newest cadet.

I have run short of time (great excuse) so Ill continue my adventures at Roxboro soon....

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Nat said...

Corey being strangely quiet is certainly very odd. The updates are hilarious from everyone so keep them coming.
Sounds like Kelly is outdoing the fellas in the blog updates...
So jealous (in a really nice way!) and looks like I need more practice before I arrive in Brazil with my team next April.
Any vocational updates Corey or are the gym visits and beer swilling getting in your way!!!!?
Nat Warburton!