Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Well the Easter Bunny found me but must have been slightly confused by me being in a different country and all, because he did not bring me my favourite Red Tulip Elegant Rabbits. No matter, a quick call to the best sister in the world has guaranteed there will be a minimum of four waiting for me on my arrival into Australia. Mmmm ...

The girls and EB.

I am staying in Wake Forest/Raleigh (slight boundary technicality) with more great hosts. The lady of the house, Jodi, is a couple of years older than me and we found out over a Pig Pickin' last night that we both really love 80's music and have equally impressive dance moves. OK, we found out the last bit when we hit a club later that night.

My hosts, Jodi and Lowell, with me in front of an unfortunate pig. A very tasty, unfortunate pig.

We got the munchies after our Pig Pickin' (don't ask me how) so we headed to the Krispy Kremes outlet (because you do that at midnight). Did you know that North Carolina was the birth place of Krispy Kremes?

Late night Krispy Kremes (how come I'm the only one eating?)

Today I went to church. Now, for those who don't know me, I don't do church. I thought though, as part of the cultural experience, I would go along with my host family. I liked the dressing up bit and the singing and overall had a good time.

After church we went to lunch at the Golf Glub. Nice place, with a delicious banquet. If you can turn into an animal by eating too much of it, I will be a cow or pig by Monday. It was a great lunch with three generations (and me) enjoying each others' company and celebrating Easter.

My favourite part of the day was a visit to the Raleigh flea market at the state fairgrounds. Got the tip about this one from Serge last week. When asked what I would like to do, I couldn't get the words out quick enough.

The inside stalls weren't much chop but the outside ones were to die for. So many vendors of antiques and groovy, individual jewellery! Although trying to steer away from large items, I had an internal discussion regarding this fantastic swinging bench. My sensible side won; bugger it.

This swinging bench would look fantastic in my yard, but alas, must stay here in North Carolina.

We got there late and vendors were packing away, but I have vowed to return next Sunday, at sparrow's fart, for a fresh run at it.

Since I only seem to write about stuff we do other than formal presentations and vocational visits, there is a photo below so you can see how spiffy we all look when we put our minds to it. There are also a couple of other random pictures there for those pleased by visual aids.

Corey, Kel and Tim, watching a band called 'Boomerang'. Funny thing is, they're American, and couldn't accommodate my requests for 'Down Under' and "Khe San'. Poor effort.

Great mounting job on the deer.

Right, that's it; Americans officially think that french fries are vegetables.

Until next time,

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Kerryn said...

Happy Easter to you!

Looks like you are thoroughly enjoying your exchange (and learning so much, of course).