Thursday, April 9, 2009

Roxboro, North Carolina, on horseback

Woo-hoo!! My wish came true - I got to go riding. True to his word, DG Don got me on a horse. Thanks to Lacy in Roxboro, I met Katherine and her beautiful horses. We loaded them on the float and headed to Hill Forest which was one of the most amazing rides I've been on. We crossed a pretty decent flowing river with Katherine's sound advice, "Don't look down, just keep your eyes on the exit point!"

I rode a beautiful paint mare calley Okey, who was an absolute darling. Katherine's horse was called Cisco and he was great too. We had four dogs with us who ran and ran all day long. We saw six deer with their white bushy tails who just came out of nowhere.

Kel and Okey; a great partnership!

Now onto the rest of the day. Prior to my fantastic horse ride, Ross took me on a tour of my host's turf farm. The rolling green hills just brought out the cartwheeler in me. Everything is so green here in North Carolina. My hosts, the Carver family of Carver Bros. Turf also grow tobacco, which I saw at seedling stage in the hothouse. Once again, great people and a wonderful family environment.

Doris Carver, who is the Chair of the Roxboro Chamber of Commerce, took me along to the Good Morning Coffee Hour breakfast meeting where I met the Sheriff (always a good move), the County Commissioner, a couple of Councillors and other great people. I now feel I can walk down the main street of Roxboro and give some folks a wave.

After breakky we went and had lunch at Bob's BBQ. Surprise, surprise, more meat. I am loving it! We had a lovely, informal Rotary meeting with wonderful people, including President Dana who put us on the spot with impromptu speeches. They worked really well and we had a great time.

After that we went to Thomas Farms (a hog farm). We saw bucket loads of pigs, from cute baby ones to big fat, ugly Papa ones. I now want a cute pig to add to the Fyfe Family Farm.

Cutesy little pig, but I'm not sure Scott agrees.

See ya. Keep posting those comments! To Corey's workmates, we are all on him to write blogs and his excuse is, "I have to go to the gym!" I'm eating doughnuts and he's going to the gym!



Anonymous said...

Brought me much pleasure reading this blog Kel - looks like you are being well looked after and treated to some wonderful experiences. Essie will be very jealous!

Please reconsider the pig for FFF...

Hope you all have a wonderful easter - no doubt you will have a feast provided by one of your wonderfully hospitable host families. Do they have elegant rabbits in the States, Kel?

Love to all.

Dayn xx

Anonymous said...

Kelly, how absolutley ghastly. Atarting at the top of the apge, there's a cute photo of you holdong a very cute little piglet. Then a couple of screens further down, there's a description of your pig barbecue. I can't believe that you were heartless enough to consume that sweet little fella. Shame on you!

Peter Poulton

AdvisorKarin said...

Awww...the baby pig picture is too cute for words.