Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Life of a GSE Team member

Sometimes in life you just hit the jackpot. Well becoming a GSE teamember is exactly that. The people who we have come into contact with are the movers and shakers of their industries and Rotary. Not only are they successful poeple and community-minded; they are the most genorous and welcoming people you will ever come into contact with.

So far the whole team has had fantastic experiences with their hosts and vocational advisors. We have gained so much knowledge and created fantastic contacts which will help us grow further in our careers.

But on to the good life. Because the people who are hosting us want to keep us entertained we are getting to learn what 'the good life' really means. The opportunites we have been able to uptake have been great and we are seeing Rotarians and friends of Rotarians inviting us into their homes and their lives as if we were their closest firends. This is truly an amazing experience. We got to meet Randy and Bonnie who have a lake house with a pontoon boat. When we first met him I asked what his favourite sport was. Later, when I got to his house he said, "I forgot to tell you one other sport I love, NASCAR! I used to be the general manager for a successful Nascar team in America".

This is us on the boat.

My hosts at Roxboro were Lacy and Claudia. Tim also stayed with them. They were fantastic hosts for and we had alot of fun with them. We got to experience real Southern home cooking. You can see their home below. If you want anything done or need to get to know someone, Lacy will be able to get it done or he will know someone who can - because everyone knows Lacy and Claudia. He also lives on the lake and has a setting which instantly put Tim and myself into absolute relaxation mode. Not only did we get to go for a boat ride on the lake but the owner of the radio station was a Rotarian so, we got to go to the big concert in town on his behalf. Thanks Dave.

To give you an idea of where we have been staying I have included photos of the homes that I have been hosted in. There is so much to tell people that I could write a novel. So if I have left people out, I say thanks now. Everyone who has contributed to making this experience such a wonderful and amazing experience, thank you. Y'all have given us opportunities that we may have never got in our home town. All Y'all's have inspired me to work hard to achieve the great things that you have. You are all special people and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kelly Cobb and Wayne Cobb - first hosts. Wonderful poeple who made me feel like family. Kelly is in the Top 100 Agents in America. I can't stop bragging that I got to meet her and stay in her house. She and Wayne taught me alot. Thanks guys.

Serge; top bloke. He is a really cool guy with a fantastic home set in the woods. He knows how to entertain poeple and have fun. Go you Heels!!!!!!

Lacy and Claudia; beautiful home grown Southern people. They welcomed Tim and me into their homes with open arms and gave us a fantastic experience. Cheers!
I will speak to you soon and tell you about the tobacco crops. Now that is amazing. 'Til next time, be good!

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