Thursday, April 16, 2009


Today we had a free morning with our hosts and I took the opportunity to get some NC souvenirs, eat burgers and fries and visit a groovy shopping/art gallery complex.

Then we headed to the magnificent Lion's Gate Inn, a B&B in Wake Forest where we were treated to an absolutely divine lunch. Thank you to owners Bill and Louise Howard, for their wonderful hospitality today and for their help during our stay.

The dining room at the Lion's Gate Inn, Wake County

We utilised the sunroom to conduct a mid-program debrief. Mary de Puew Kaam (Inbound GSE Coordinator) and Kaye Brown (GSE Chair) attended, leading this session. This was a useful time to share experiences and provide feedback, as well as taking the chance to express our thanks and amazement at our treatment thus far.

GSE team, Kaye and Mary

We have another full day of vocational study tomorrow, followed by a presentation at night. Will be a busy day.

Found a couple of random, silly pics that I thought I'd whack on here for you to see.

See ya,


Couldn't resist the photo opportunity when we drove past a car yard

The best doggone makers of burgers I have ever seen! They happen to be next door to a pretty handy clothing outlet in Wake County.

Little Miss Muffet

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mellen said...

How's your figure going Kelly?

It has been great to follow all your adventures through the blog and to read the very positive comments. Has someone needled Corey to shut up a bit if your presentation is on time.
I trust the rest of your stay maintains the same momentum.