Sunday, April 19, 2009

A taste of American politics

A taste of American politics was on the cards, and a trip to the White House was out of the question, so the next best thing was a trip to the local Republican Party fundraiser, where we were privileged to meet NC's Republican Senator Richard Burr. The local Republican Party is strong in Johnston County, and they're proud to have Republican Senator Burr representing them.

The Republican Party fundraiser we attended had a "Life is a Beach" theme, and was held to celebrate 2009 Reagan Day to commemorate the late Republican President. As well as dinner and a silent auction raising funds for the Johnston County Republicans, there were remarks by local Republican figures (including Republican Sheriff Steve Bizzell and Republican County Commissioner Cookie Pope who led us in prayer).

Following the formal event there was a beach band "The Seaside Band" which played some fantastic shag music. In all it was a great Republican event, and an interesting foray into American politics.

Before we leave 7710 I hope we are afforded similar exposure to the Democrats so we can be sure of a balanced view...

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Anonymous said...

Corey, was pleased to see that you got to write finally and laughed my head off with your comments and thought it was really funny until I read Kelly's Easter blog and I'm afraid she has beaten you again. You all sound as though you are having a wonderful time not only with host families but vocational tours and shopping!!!! Kel I am so glad you didn't buy that swingin seat, I have mowed the lawn today and it would have been another thing to mow around. Kids are fantastic. Love you lots - Maresy Girl.