Monday, April 27, 2009

Rotary Conference at Wilmington

We just returned from the three day conference in the gorgeous beachside town of Wilmington, North Carolina. Firstly, a huge thank you to conference organisers and District 7710 for putting us up in individual hotel rooms. Although we are a close-knit group, it really was just what the doctor ordered, to spend some time in solitude and luxury.

First day saw us settle in and then wander around the streets of Wilmington. Looked into the price of postage for those of us who had been supporting the American economy through shopping, and were unpleasantly surprised. There must be a plan B.

Below is a shot from our hotel room. Nice, I know.

This thoughtful basket greeted us with a note from District 7710 saying, 'Welcome to Wilmington'

At the opening of the conference, a flag ceremony was held to recognise the international spirit of Rotary. Here is the Aussie flag bearer, Scott, after he whacked the flag on the door on the way through.

The team standing by to do their presentation

Up on stage during our presentation. I know it is rude to talk amongst ourselves during this time, but Corey was super-excited and just had to share

Walking along the water to dinner on Friday night. The team in casual clothes, is in fine spirits.

We had a scrumptious seafood dinner, with great conversation and generous friends. Thank you to the 'check fairy' - you know who you are.

After dinner we visited a few places. Here is the accommodating DJ at one, who played all of our requests, including Down Under, Hilltop Hoods (??), Prince and Kylie (OK, so we weren't altogether there at times).

Our presentation went very well, and the crowd (although some had heard it before) still laughed in all the right places.

The SOUGHT-AFTER auctioneer, Scott Endersby, put on a ripper show, auctioning off items that we had brought over and others. A total of $1,870 was raised at auction on the night, which I think was largely due to Scott playing off the UNC, NC State, Duke rivalry.

Congratulations to the Winsteads for taking home the original Aboriginal artwork, with a knockout bid.

I think the auction reached great heights when Corey strutted his stuff and shook his booty whilst displaying some of the artwork.

Thanks to all who supported our endeavours to raise funds for the Rotary Foundation (Polio Plus). Our auctions and artwork we commissioned and paid for ourselves, raised $1,660 for Polio Plus which equates to preventing 16,600 children across the world from contracting Polio. These funds are being submitted to the Rotary Foundation from our host district 7710. We thank you for taking part and are glad we could give a little back.

Sunday saw us head to the US Battleship North Carolina, for a self-guided tour. Lucky for arrows, as it is so humungous that we would've been lost without them. Lovely Karen bought us souvenir hats to mark the occasion; thank you.

Once again, thank you to District 7710 for a professionally-run conference, for looking after us so well and the fellowship, laughter and entertainment!



B.J. Deal said...

To District 9520 and the GSE Team led by Team Leader, Margaret Northcote:
It has been our pleasure to host this womderful group of Australians and future Rotarians. Your input at our Conference was perfectly entertaining. Your presentation was ever changing so that even those who had heard it before had something new to enjoy. Your participation was welcomed by all who attended. We hope that you will all return to the USA to visit with us. You will have many choices when looking for a place to stay.

Anonymous said...

Well done Scott, over twice as much 2nd time around. What a great effort. It's good to see you are all doing your exercises to keep you fit (shagin/dancin) although I haven't noticed any weight loss. Those fairies keep poppin up everywhere Kel, any chance you can pop 1 or 2 in your case, I'll pay excess. Mares

Anonymous said...

Guys, best regards from all of us back here in Oz. As has been the norm for the last 4 weeks, we have laughed and cried our way through your very entertaining blog. Kel, I suspect you may have found a new career option - journalism!!! We'
ve been flat out selecting teams for Colorado and Brasil, and organising their first meetings, but we've still had time to keep up with your adventures. It's evident that you've been superb ambassadors for Rotary and Australia. It's just so scary to realise that you're so close to the end. Sorry I'm the one that has to say what everyone is probably trying not to think of. Congratulations again of the wonderful job you've done. Jill sends her love.


Peter Poulton

Anonymous said...

OK so i've been a little quiet on the old comment front. Very proud of all of you, even though I only know one of you. I feel like I know the rest of you quite well through your blogs though!

Much love.

Dayn x

PS: No Kel i did NOT manage to get any elegant rabbits - i'm sorry!

Anonymous said...

I am so going to miss your blogging's been a great adventure with you guys...can't wait til Brazil 2010!!! Bring it on!!