Monday, April 6, 2009

Catching up with the 7710 team

Last night it was great to see the team from North Carolina who came to Adelaide (and the rest of D9520) last year. All except Katie (who is studying on the West Coast) came to the Wooden Nickel in down town Hillsborough to catch up over a few drinks and watch the basketball.

Kelly with Karin and Susan

We enjoyed hearing about their experiences in Aus, and also got plenty of advice from them on how to get the most out of our GSE. Hopefully we can catch up with them again while we're in NC.

We had the best intentions of watching the basketball, but the conversation (and meeting the locals) took over somewhat.

They're going sports mad here at the minute, the Hurricanes (ice hockey) won on Thursday night and again last night, which puts them into the playoffs, so we'll be hearing a bit about the Hurricanes during our stay.

They've also gone basketball mad. The NC Tar Heels, the college team from Chapel Hill, won the semi final last night, with the grand final being played on Monday. We've been warned about going to Chapel Hill on Monday night - the students spill onto the streets, light bonfires and spray everything with pale blue paint (team colours). Even last night after the semi they showed footage of the main street in Chapel Hill and they were going nuts! We're presenting at a Rotary Club in Chapel Hill on Monday night, so we'll be right in the thick of it!

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cat56 said...

GSE team 7710 would just like to say that it certainly was an enriching experience Saturday evening catching up with the Aussie team. There was good fellowship and a healthy exchange of cultural perspectives. We feel sure that the Aussie team is learning so many important aspects of life in the US. Kelly is by far the most outgoing team member and we all watched in amamzement as she made so many new friends that evening. The natives of Hillsborough certainly found her to be engaging!