Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Presentation to the Wake County Rotary clubs

Tonight we made a presentation to the Wake Forest, Zebulon, Louisburg and Wakefield/Wake Forest Rotary clubs.

The last club mentioned is a provisional club looking forward to chartering soon. Possibly the youngest (in members' ages) Rotary club in existence (or at least that I've seen), this club is vibrant and refreshing. The exchange between local clubs is also good to see.

We had yet more good food with friends tonight, and heaps of questions fired at us following the presentation. We love questions as a lot of good discussion follows. This audience was interested in water, crime and education, amongst other things.

This was our first run through of our modified presentation and although I didn't think it was our best, the audience loved it and commented so.

Our coordinator, Tommy, is a past GSE team member so really knows what we need. He is the classic tour guide and a fantastic host to all of us. Thanks Tommy.

My hosts, Jodi and Lowell. All of us looking very spiffy indeed.

The Aussie GSE team and Jodie and coordinator, Tommy.



Wilma Steele said...

Having grown up a Rotary brat,)I am now a Rotary spouse) I have seen a good number of gse presen-tations. This was the best that I can remember! The team was sharp, humor-oous, very informative and genuine. It was a very well planned effort by a group of delightful Aussies!

carverd said...

Hi, Hope that you are having lots of fun. This is my first experience trying to blog! Your website is great!

Thank you for the gifts and I wish you to very best. If Bob and I ever make it to Aussie land, we will stop by!