Saturday, April 11, 2009

Museums, museums, museums

My most recent vocational visit took in three museums in a single day; each unique and each well worth the visit.

First stop was the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science, where we met Director of Exhibitions Roy Campbell. The museum highlights the bio and geodiversity of North Carolina, with exhibits such as Prehistoric North Carolina, Coastal NC and the Arthropod Zoo. It offers plenty of live specimens throughout, including snakes, fish, insects and a butterfly house. As well as seeing the existing museum Roy told us about the development of the Nature Research Centre which will adjoin the museum with more display space, research labs, outreach and science communication facilities, to be completed in 2011.

NC Museum of Natural Science Director of Exhibitions Roy Campbell discusses dinosaurs with my host Barry Philips.

Inside the Living Conservatory at NC Museum of Sciences

Next up was the NC Museum of History where we met Director Ken Howard who first took us through the current blockbuster exhibition ‘Knights of the Black Flag’, which looks at pirates, specifically Black Beard. We also toured permanent galleries such as the NC Sports Hall of Fame, the decorative arts of NC, ‘A Call to Arms’ (military history) and ‘Elected to Serve’ about the Governors of North Carolina. The Museum of History also has development plans, with a new cafĂ© and a gallery dedicated to telling the history of North Carolina planned.

Marine artefacts in the ‘Kinghts of the Black Flag’ exhibition.

My final visit was the Gregg Museum of Art and Design at NC State University where we met Director Lynn Ennis. This museum exists to complement the curriculum for the students, but also as a publicly accessible gallery. The current exhibition, curated by Lynn, is of artist Thomas Sayre.

The current exhibition at the Gregg Museum of Art and Design

All of the museums I visited were really generous in the time and information they afforded me, and I was really impressed with what they are able to achieve within their differing budgets and resource restraints.

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Tim, I'm pleased to see that Kel has allowed you some space, for a while there I thought she had become the editor, (I must admit she is quite entertaining). It is very interesting to keep up with all your vocational tours and your social activities. Mares.