Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Hi All,

The exchange is travelling along well for a cultural experience as everyone will know but, it is also going really well with the vocation side of things.

We all are really happy about what we have got to learn in our Vocations. Plus we have met some fantastic people and been able to organize extra vocational visits on top of the pre arranged time slots.

Just the other day I was able to meet with Tommy Fonville of Fonville Morrisey. He is the founder and president of the company which employ's 650 agents and sells a house every hour. The company is listed in the top 50 Real estate companies within the United States. It is amazing! They have sales revenue of $3.2 billion. I arrived at his building which was a bank and about 10 stories. Go to his offices and wait to meet him.

He greeted me with open arms and was very informative. He has given me detailed information for me to take away which has been developed over his 35 year career. I have been very fortunate to meet with him and the information that he has given is invaluable. The 4 hours that Ii got to spend with him went over time and we had to be interupted by my driver to get me to the next appointment that i had.

These are the poeple that we all are getting to meet. They are extremly welcoming and informative giving us experince that has been developed over long careers. I hope to take the information and lessons learned back to my work and implement things that I believe will work,and therefore put me into a stronger position within my market place.

To think that we still have got a few more full days of vocational exchanges, I can not imagine what information I will be able to gather.

I hope this will put some minds at rest and show that we are actually doing some work whilst over here. But the old saying goes;


Good day to you all.

Be Good.


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carverd said...

Hi Scott,
I'm glad that you got to meet Mr. Fonville. I actually used their website today to look for a house for Barbie to rent. The agenda didn't have anything in the area, but she did send me some helpful information. If you see him again, tell him that he has excellent staff in the Wake/Johnston County area.