Friday, April 24, 2009

A whirlwind four days in Raleigh

Wow, a pretty intense four days was had in Raleigh. A jam-packed itinerary with three club presentations and two full vocational days. Oh yeah, and a few "socials" as our program stated. They were actually cocktail parties, visits to pubs, yet another Carolina Hurricanes ice-hockey game and the like.

Jane, an ex-GSE team member (to Argentina) took us under her wing and showed us the highlights of Raleigh. We met Miss Jane when we gatecrashed the Progress Energy corporate box (we love 'em). They are now officially sponsors and have been recognised as such in our presentation!

At the Flying Saucer, which despite having over 150 beers on offer, only stocked one Aussie beer - FOSTER'S. No Coopers to be seen, so we went with some exotics.

Post-presentation at the combined meeting of West Raleigh, Crabtree and North Raleigh. Note the corsages that we were presented with were in our country's flag colours, (which happen to be the same as USA's!).

The highly SOUGHT-AFTER professional auctioneer, Scott Endersby, auctioning tickets to the Hurricanes game with President George chuckling at his accent in the background, at the beautiful venue at the Capital City of Raleigh club presentation.

The highly SOUGHT-AFTER professional auctioneer, Scott Endersby, revving up the crowd (hang on, that could have been his sassy assistant, Margaret) during the auction of Australian Aboriginal art.

We raised over $700 for Polio Plus and aim to top this at the District Conference as we have yet more Aboriginal art that the GSE team had commissioned by local Aboriginal artist Christine Tschuna and purchased for this purpose.

President Tom, who, following his loss to Serge (District Governor Elect) in the auction for the Aboriginal art, donated money to the Rotary Foundation's Polio Plus, on the proviso that we answered his question correctly; "In which city was Mel Gibson born?" He thought us Aussies would try to claim him but there's no flies on us - we knew it was 'Pigs something' in New York. Well we did after he whispered it to me!

The ever youthful and beautiful Eric and Mary (Corey's hosts but Eric and I are alumni of Melbourne University so I adopted him!).

Looking at a watershed project with the North Carolina Ecosystem Enhancement Program, following the signing of the Wake County Conservation Memorandum of Agreement; a monumentous occasion between county, state and federal government agencies and community.

Margaret's and my wonderful hosts, Nan (exceptional shopping partner) and Rob Robinson. Until this day, I did not know that ironing fairies existed. My clothes were as shocked as I was.

Off to yet another presentation - to the Lillington club. If they're like all the other clubs, they will be a good audience and laugh in all the right places!!


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Anonymous said...

Hi to you all. Good job Scott, see if you can better the amount next time. Those fairies are around everywhere Kel. So you think you can dance Margaret! Thought you must have all been busy as nothing posted yesterday. Keep up the good work, wowing the audience with your presentations and humour. Must plug the fairy in here.