Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun Thursday

Today was the next of our official vocational days, and I had a fascinating one.

First stop was SAS, an international software company which has amazing philosophies on staff and customer satisfaction, and also a brilliant private art collection and team that manages it, which is what I came to see. Sadly photos are not encouraged, so I've got no evidence, but let me tell you the pieces I saw were amazing, and the workshop and team that pulls everything together is truly world class. The saddest part, for an outsider, it's reserved exclusively for staff and clients of SAS (chances are none of you will ever see it!). Thank you to Roxanne for the tour, and while I didn't get to meet him I send regards to Mr Goodnight, CEO of SAS, for what he has created and the fantastic philosophies that go with it.

After SAS and a lovely lunch at MacGregor Downs Country Club, my vocational guide Larry and I went to Chapel Hill, where Amanda Hughes guided us thought the Ackland Museum of Art at the University of North Carolina (home of the Tar Heels, recent winners of the 2009 college basketball championships). While it's a different style of museum from the South Australian Museum, it was great to chat freely with Amanda about their temporary and travelling exhibitions and the terrors of funding, loans and all that goes along with our jobs.

This evening we presented to the Garner, Clayton and Garner Midday Rotary Clubs in an unusual location... the restaurant attached to Rush Hour Karting in Garner. Following our presentation, the team was offered the chance to take to the track...

Pre-race publicity shots... Kelly asked for a pose with attitude, Scott clearly thought she asked for a pose with Agadoo...

On the grid: Pearson has pole in 15, Gilchrist in 14, Fyfe and Endersby well back in the pack

All I can say is I'm glad I made the podium. After Corey's pitiful 4th position we're wondering if he learnt anything in SAPOL's driver training sessions! And we're wondering how much Kelly had to pay the timekeeper to rig the times.
(Margaret was our Rush Hour Karting pit girl and
eye-candy, unable to compete due to her recovering arm injury)

Evidently our reputation preceded us, because the invitation came to go to Napper Tandy's bar after the karting for a nightcap and to hear local bluegrass act The Grass Cats play. It was great music (and a pretty nice Guinness).

Corey and Kel take to the dance floor for the song The Grass Cats dedicated to us... Cotton Eye Joe. Sadly we've discovered another band that doesn't know any Aussie tunes!

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