Friday, April 17, 2009

Wake Forest

In Wake Forest I had the great opportunity to spend four fantastic nights with the Murray family - Tommy, Beth, Tommy Jnr and Nolan. It was a lot of fun to be around boys again, and it was all coming back to me.

The first day we were treated to a walking tour of downtown Wake Forest. The facades and the 16 original post offices were the highlights. Tommy - our tour guide agent - whisked us away for some shopping in a local market, which was previously used as a cotton factory.

From there we all went our separate ways to hang out with our host families. The following day we headed off on a shopping trip to a mall in Raleigh. Those smart men (me only) made purchases in Victoria Secret and Macy's.

Sunday, some people (me again) had the opportunity to go to church.. although the church I attended was at the YMCA. It was fun and I even sang a few hymns.

Another day, and another shopping expedition. This time it was at a sports clothing outlet. Many many great purchases were made - and it was topped off by a great tour by the owner of the company (take note Pacific brand).

We met Andy Griffith and took some time to see the sights of the Wolfpac campus... good job Tommy!!

As soon as great times were plentiful it was time to move onto our next hosts.

I had a ball with the local 'hoods' and it was evident that the game of cops and robbers has evolved since I was 10 years old.

I will take this opportunity to thank the Murray family for an awesome four days - topped off with me being taken to the boys' school for 'show and tell'.

Until next time..... prince

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Beth said...

The Murrays echo your comments on 4 fantastic days. Funny how word got around that we were hosting someone from the CIA not CSI .... must have been the action in our backyard.